JAMB Reprinting Date for 2018/2019 is what this article will focus on.


This is to inform all JAMB candidates that JAMB reprinting date 2018 has been announced by the management of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB).

Jamb Reprinting period is one of the most anticipated by all JAMB Candidates as it has a connection towards the JAMB Examination Date.

About JAMB Reprinting Date

Many people may have heard of the word reprinting but don’t fully understand what it means. For those set of people who are yet to know what JAMB Reprinting is, we are going to do a brief introduction for them.

JAMB Reprinting is the process of getting your JAMB Examination details in a Document or file to reflect your Examination date, date and time.

The main purpose of doing JAMB reprinting is for JAMB Examination Date and Center to show up on the new slip since it wasn’t available during the time of registration.

JAMB Reprinting date, on the other hand, is a date set out for the reprinting of JAMB Examination or Registration Slip.

When Is JAMB Reprinting For 2018 Starting

Now that you have known what reprinting is all about, the question now is: When is JAMB 2018 Reprinting going to start?

The Reprinting of JAMB Main Examination Slip is expected to start after the closing date of JAMB registration for 2018. See If JAMB Will Extend registration Closing Date Here.

JAMB has scheduled the closing date for registration to be on the 6th of February 2018.

This, therefore, means that JAMB Reprinting for 2018 will start any moment from now since JAMB registration will be closing today (6th of February 2018).

JAMB Reprinting should start any moment from next week or if I don’t, it will kick off a week before JAMB exam is scheduled to start.

Two Phases Of JAMB Reprinting Date 2018

The 2018/2019 JAMB reprinting will be in two phases. This will also mean that they will be two reprinting date as follows:

  1. Reprinting Date For JAMB Mock Examination
  2. Reprinting Date For JAMB Main Examination.

The Reprinting date for the JAMB Mock Examination will come first since the exam will hold this month of February, unlike the main exam which is starting on the First or Second week of March.

JAMB Mock Reprinting will start any moment from now depending on the new Mock Exam date set by JAMB while the reprinting for the Main JAMB exam will start the first week of March or ending of February.